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  • Who is SOGELEC?

    SOGELEC Electrical Engineering

    Why Choosing SOGELEC ?

    SOGELEC is an Electrical Engineering Tunisian company specialized in Electrical Equipment Installation.

    Since its Foundation by Mr. Noureddine Ben MEFTAH in 1972 with a capital of 1.800.000 TND,
    SOGELEC is a leader in the Electrical Engineering & Equipment Installation Field.

    SOGELEC is an Electrical Engineering & Equipment Installation Contractor in Tunisia, & North Africa.

    SOGELEC Expertise covers all Business sectors:

    SOGELEC Qualified Team Members are Experts in the latest Electrical Equipment MANUFACTURERS technologies. SOGELEC will offer you a service of quality you can rely on.

    SOGELEC well trained Staff members (35 Senior Managers and
    180 Specialized Technicians) are experienced with the latest International Electrical installation Norms & Standards.

    SOGELEC Experts will offer you an Electrical Installation Services complying with the latest international standards and security procedures.

    Our Portfolio REFERENCES list is very eloquent by itself.

    It proves our expertise and competence confirmed by the trust of our clients since
    SOGELEC Foundation in 1972 by Mr. Noureddine Ben MEFTAH.

    We take to heart the interest of our clients and strive for customer satisfaction.

    SOGELEC’s reputation for more than 30 years as an Electrical Engineering & Equipment Installation Contractor in Tunisia.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Strong Points

    Strong Points

    SOGELEC Strong Points

    • SOGELEC is a well established company in Electrical Engineering & Equipments Installation Field in Tunisia for more than 30 years, with a long experience and  Well  recognised Electrical installations Portfolio list.
    • SOGELEC is Mastering the Electrical Engineering & Equipments Installation Field Rules and Regulations
    • SOGELEC is Mastering of the  International NORMS & Standards in the field of Electrical Engineering.
    • SOGELEC is Mastering of the Electrical Engineering Industry latest Technologies, Rules and Procedures to properly  advise our clients.
    • Continuous adaptation to the requirements of the technology and the safety standards for the success of our mission as an Electrical Engineering & Equipments Installer company in Tunisia.
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SOGELEC Installateur Materiel Electrique Tunisie

Electrical Installations of Photovoltaic
and Wind Turbines by SOGELEC

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